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you walk over to the chamber of secrets and whisper “i have a crush on my cousin”. the basilisk comes over to you and says “you totally misinterpreted the use of this chamber and also you’re pretty fuckin gross”

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*starts beatboxing during sex* 

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if you chew loudly i will consider stabbing you

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Today I got a detention for standing up for what I believe in.

Teacher:Write down 3 things you dislike about yourself
Me:*sits there*
Teacher:Ciara, why aren't you writing?
Me:I can't do this. I will take a zero, sorry.
Me:Because I refuse to promote self-hate. Because some people in the world can fill out 20 of these front and back with no blank spaces and this can trigger someone.
Teacher:Ciara, you have to do it or I am sending you to the office.
Me:Okay. *gets up and walks to office*
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How To Show The Different Signs That You Appreciate Them


This is what the different signs would best appreciate.  

Aries: Write them a heart-felt thank you note or card. 

Taurus: Give them a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop or shopping store. 

Gemini: Bake them something. 

Leo: Ask them about their day. 

Cancer: Walk them to the bus stop or home from school. 

Virgo: Lend them a hand on something they are working on.

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You wanna know what gets me off? What really turns me on? Writing an essay without changing the default size 11 Calibri font with no line spacing, and then changing it to size 12 Times New Roman with double spacing and seeing it grow from 3 to 5 pages. Yeah, that really gets me going.

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shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?

hot as balls

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